Lakeside Lonnie

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of a fictional character named “Lakeside Lonnie” who has turned out to be not so fictional. Confused? Let me catch you up to speed.

A few weeks ago, when preaching on Hebrews 6, Pastor Matt used a made-up scenario where a man named Lonnie, met my husband, Britton, at a coffee shop and then got connected with Lakeside Church. Lonnie grew as a person in the church community, served with us, gave money, and made some great relationships. The bottom line was that our fictional “Lonnie” never had a relationship with the one who mattered most, Jesus Christ. So, although Lonnie had tasted bits and pieces of Christ through the church, he never really knew Him. Then, last Sunday when Matt spoke I think our good ‘ole Lonnie finally did meet Christ, the real reason for the church. (Yay for him!).

Oddly enough, in between the time of those last two sermons, my husband was meeting with George, our student pastor, at a coffee shop. A man interrupted them and asked if he could join in and be a part of what they were discussing. He wrote his name and number down on a sliver of paper and gave it to Britton. A day or two later, Britton pulled out that paper, and guess what this man’s name was? LONNIE!

Circumstances are not just mere circumstances, especially for Christians. I think about all of the hands shaken by our church body during the week, all of the meals shared, or random bump-ins we have collectively. How many “Lakeside Lonnie”s could there be? The coolest part about that story is that the real Lonnie wanted part in what two guys in a coffee shop were talking about, Jesus Christ.

Let’s put Christ on our lips, and God ever on our minds. People are listening… what do you want them to hear?


Brittany T. Lewis

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