A Call to Pray for Adam Bell

Church family, this has been heavy on my heart since early this morning and I want to take a moment to call you all to pray for Adam Bell. Lately he has had a tough go with the hydrocephalus and the pressure in his head…the doctor is incrementally adjusting it so that she doesn’t set off a chain of bad events like other times. However, this has left him really incapacitated due to the effect.

My heart is overwhelmed by the care that Adam has personally shown my family lately. He is always messaging us or calling me to let me know that he is praying for us and that he is so concerned for us. Becky and I feel so unworthy of that because as she says, her condition is so temporary. We love Adam and Vicki and their children so much and our hearts our burdened to ask everyone we know to pray for them fervently to the extent that people have been praying for us.

Here is what to pray for…Vicki is going to ask the doctor to be a little more aggressive in adjusting Adam’s shunt this week. Please pray that the doctor and Vicki and Adam can collectively make the right decision and that Adam can begin to see marked improvement from the treatment.

Pray diligently…every morning, every evening and when you sit with your families at meals. I thank you so much for praying for us as I believe it has moved God’s hand to work miracles and I want to trust that God can do the same thing for the Bell family. I love you all! See you on Sunday!

Matt Jones

PS – you can leave any comments or messages for the family below.