Proposals for this Sunday’s Annual Meeting

Well, better late than never right? As promised, this is your advance copy of what we will propose, discuss and vote on during the Annual Meeting this Sunday March 6, 2011.

I have attached 3 documents (click to download)

Proposals for the Annual Meeting – this document outlines the 5 things that will be discussed/voted on at the Annual Meeting. This document also highlights the typographical changes we are proposing for the by-laws.

Current by-laws – This is a copy of the current by-laws which were last amended in July of 2007.

Proposed by-laws – This is a copy of the by-laws with the recommended typographical changes put in.

Please read through the proposed changes and make sure you come out to the meeting Sunday night! See you then!

Ski & Snowboard Trip This Weekend!

So…it’s called Edge 2011 and it’s coming to a Wolf Mountain Ski Resort near you! No kidding, this is one of the advantages of being in a smaller church…a few people from Lakeside wanted to go skiing and then thought, “I wonder if other people would like to go?” and BAM! We’ve got ourselves a short-notice ski trip this Saturday. Get the ‘dets’ on the official Edge 2011 event page here…

The Afters in Concert!

Wanna come to a cool concert with us? One thing though, you have to hang out with our students! Kidding! But really, you do…we are heading to see The Afters in concert on March 1st. You know that song we do in service “Light Up the Sky”? That’s these guys! Watch the video below or head to the event page for more info!

Lakeside Church Annual Meeting

On behalf of the Shepherd Leader Team, I would like to invite all current members and attenders of Lakeside Church to an Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 6th at 5:00pm.

We felt this was the right step to ensure that our church has taken proper accountability in the selection and affirmation of our church leadership. We want to invite everyone to download and read through our current bylaws and direct any questions to the acting Lead Pastor, Matt Jones by phone at 801-529-3009 or email at mattj (at)

Further, if there are any names that you feel should be considered for nomination to the Shepherd Leader Team, we will accept those during the period starting today, February 4th and finishing on February 24th at 5:00pm. You can use the form below to nominate potential candidates.

Further information about the meeting and the items on the agenda will be shared at least one-week prior to the meeting.

Nomination Form

30 Days With Jesus Challenge

Think you’re up to it? For those who may have missed the last couple of Sundays, we are issuing a challenge to read all 4 gospels in just 30 days starting today! We want to invite you all to do this with us and we’ve prepared a video to show you how to do it…

So here is the daily routine… sign up for the reading plan here.

Then once you’ve read today’s reading post that you got it done on our Facebook page here.

That’s it! Just by doing that you will encourage others who are doing it that they’re not alone. Feel free to post any thoughts you have on the reading as well!

This challenge is open to everyone…including our extended church family outside of Utah and anyone else you choose to invite! Don’t wait! Get started today! The enemy would love to give you reason to procrastinate and then choose not to participate at all so let’s show him where are our priorities really are!

We had our second blood drive!

This past Friday we hosted our second blood drive in 3 months.  Lakeside does this in partnership with the American Red Cross.  We exceeded our quota once again….maybe next time they’ll finally bring in one of their mobile units!  Anyway, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who participated!  We look forward to more successful events like this in the future.

Blood Drive – April 2nd

We’ve partnered with the American Red Cross to host our first community blood drive! On Good Friday, April 2nd from 3pm to 8pm, we would like to invite the community to give the gift of life by signing up on the form below! Choose a timeframe that you would prefer and we will contact you to confirm your time! Thank you so much for supporting this community effort!

Easter Services

This year we will be celebrating Easter and the theme of “The Gift of Life”. In addition to our Blood Drive on April 2nd, we will have two special weekend services on Palm Sunday (March 28th) and Easter Sunday (April 4th). We have some great live music planned, as well as a two part message over the two Sundays.

If you would like to attend these special services with your family, you can join us at 10:00am. We would love to have you! We have a vibrant children’s ministry and fully staffed nursery for your convenience. For more information, please contact us at 801-814-5741.