30 Days With Jesus Challenge

Think you’re up to it? For those who may have missed the last couple of Sundays, we are issuing a challenge to read all 4 gospels in just 30 days starting today! We want to invite you all to do this with us and we’ve prepared a video to show you how to do it…

So here is the daily routine… sign up for the reading plan here.

Then once you’ve read today’s reading post that you got it done on our Facebook page here.

That’s it! Just by doing that you will encourage others who are doing it that they’re not alone. Feel free to post any thoughts you have on the reading as well!

This challenge is open to everyone…including our extended church family outside of Utah and anyone else you choose to invite! Don’t wait! Get started today! The enemy would love to give you reason to procrastinate and then choose not to participate at all so let’s show him where are our priorities really are!

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