Back in the saddle

Today’s Reading: Romans 3:1-4:25

First of all, a confession.  I haven’t been in my Bible at all for a few weeks.  I have let the pressures of our building project mount up and in a time when I needed spiritual refreshing the most, I didn’t bother going to the well if you know what I mean.  I value my daily time with God, and as we near the end of a very long project, I want to make sure I stop neglecting my relationship with Him.

So without further ado, back into Romans.

So much to take from these chapters…I love the first several verses of chapter 4 where Paul continues to pound on the futility of the law.  Then he drops an A-bomb…Abraham’s faith was credited to him as righteousness…are you ready?…BEFORE he was circumsized!  I never picked up on that.  I love God’s Word and how it all fits together.  I am a child of God and an heir to the promise given to Abraham thousands of years ago.  Not through the law, not through blood, but through faith.

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