A New Year, A New Habit

2008 was a big year for me in at least one way: I really tried all year long to have a consistent personal time with God. ¬†As I look back, I see what an impact this had on me. ¬†There were small stints along the way when I got out of the practice, but it was usually not more than a few days.¬†Over Christmas, I found it tough to keep up with all of the traveling and parties and seeing extended family so much, but I’m back at it now and I want to start something new.

Over the last year, I have got into the habit of journaling and I’ve really enjoyed it. I am hoping to now branch out and blog about this from time to time. ¬†The reason is that sometimes I write about personal things and those I will keep to myself. ¬†However, other times I just write about how God’s Word is speaking to me and I would love the opportunity to share that with others.

So consider this a heads up and if it inspires you to do the same, you can always comment back on any of my blogs at https://lakesidelife.org.  Happy blogging!

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