Seder Dinner Tonight

So…something cool is happening tonight and we wanted to invite you all to join us. There is a Jewish tradition known as the Seder which is a meal that is served to commemorate the Passover. You can do a quick google search to learn more or read this article on Wikipedia.

Celebrations like this have existed in the Jewish culture for milleniums. Their origin is found in the Torah and they were to commanded to be celebrated. I want to make it clear that we do not believe that these are still required. Jesus Christ has fulfilled the prophesy concerning the Messiah. He has fulfilled what many of the feasts were pointing toward.

However, we still find the roots of our faith in these celebrations. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to tap into those roots a bit and gain a richer understanding. I will begin this evening by saying some words to that effect and then I am going to turn things over to a new friend of mine,¬†Mikha’el ben Yosef who is a Jewish man and a brother in Christ.

If you would like to come, we will begin at 6:30pm. If you can, please let me (Matt) know you are coming by calling or texting me at 801-529-3009.

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