Lakeside Closes on New Property

I am pleased to announce that we have closed the sale on the new property as of Friday, July 11th and will take possession on Tuesday, July 15th.  This is truly an answer to prayer and the beginning of the most exciting part of our church growth.  Continue to pray and fulfill your pledges as we move forward.  The first project will be getting the auxillary building ready to meet in and then we build!

2 thoughts on “Lakeside Closes on New Property


    Keep us informed on how everything goes. We would love to come back for your Open House when a building is complete.

    Love Your Borthers and Sisters in Christ,
    Wade, Linda, Caitlin, Ashley, Morgan and Derek Walker

  2. Congratulations. Your church is so good for the community. Everyone is so welcoming regardless of where they are on their faith path. God is obviously rewarding your faithfulness to HIS word. You will continue to touch many families in need of hearing HIS word.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more on the continuation of the church’s good works.

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