In The Heart Of India

Pastor Note: It’s important to remember that India has over 1.2 billion people and yet only 2.3% of them are lost.  This leaves over a billion lost people in India alone!

To reach the millions of lost souls in India’s heartland, RODNEY and HELEN CREGG are mastering the language. In addition to sharing their faith, the Creggs are training local believers in their area to be bold in sharing God’s Word by storying through the Bible, thanks in part to our desire to fulfill the Great Commission through CP. “Here in the heart of India, despite persecution and intense spiritual darkness, many churches are being planted, and 80 Hindu priests have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior,” Rodney reports. Take a moment to give praise to God for this wonderful report. This week, ask God to do even more to lift the spiritual darkness in one of the world’s most populated countries.

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