Hey there, true Jew!

Today’s Reading: Romans 2:17-29

So today’s passage clarified yesterday’s a lot more for me.¬† Actually, let me paraphrase Romans 2:12-13 based on my new understanding of it:¬† God will punish sin, whether you knew God’s law or not.¬† It doesn’t matter if you’ve heard it before, just whether or not you live it.

Today I was reminded of what makes a ‘true Jew’.¬† Both here and in Galatians, Paul makes the point that true Jewish lineage is not in where you were born or who your parents were or whether or not you are circumcized.¬† Rather, true Jews are those whose hearts are right with God.¬† Not of their own effort, they were MADE right.¬† They have been justified by faith and nothing else.

It is this ‘heritage of faith’ that passes on the ‘bloodline’ of Christ to all who believe.

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