God Speaks Through a Little Boy

Yesterday, while flying home on a Dallas – Denver leg, God chose the most unlikely event to drive home a point that is timely for us at Lakeside. ¬†I wasn’t looking to hear from God; in fact, I just wanted to get home with no more cancelled flights. ¬†So here is the story.

I was seated at the back of the plane in seat 25B. ¬†Most of the passengers were seated and 25A was open. ¬†GREAT! ¬†This was going to be the flight where I could stretch out. ¬†But then I saw her… a mom carrying a little boy in a frontal harness. ¬†And just that quickly, 25A disappeared. ¬†So did my hopes for a nice relaxing flight. ¬†Great attitude, eh? (That’s Canadian-ese for “huh”)

This little guy, though, had plans for me. ¬†She was barely in her seat when he stretched out his arms, wanting me to take him. ¬†His mom, wanting not to bother me, tried to pull him back. ¬†But he was determined. ¬†So there we were… and this 14 month old guy (Julian) had already won me over. ¬†I played with him a bit and fed him (or he fed himself a bottle) as he sat in my arms. ¬†His mom, who was exhausted from the trip from to visit a very ill grandfather, was thankful for the break. ¬†

As I held Julian close, God took my thoughts to a different time and a different place. ¬†Some 2,000 years ago, the God who created all that is chose to become flesh and walk among us. ¬†And I know that he held little boys like Julian on his knee. ¬†I pondered, “When Jesus held little boys like Julian, what did he think? ¬†How did he respond to these little children who seem so willing to interrupt our lives? ¬†Did he see the value of their soul and the prospect of eternity for them?” ¬†Without a doubt! ¬†When Jesus was asked about greatness in the kingdom, he responded using a little child (Matthew 18:1-6). ¬†He went on further to say that whoever welcomes a little child welcomes him (Jesus). ¬†But Jesus said much the same thing about helping the poor, caring for the sick, and visiting those in prison.

So here’s the point. ¬†In all that we do, nothing (apart from our personal walk with God)… and I mean NOTHING is a greater priority than people – big or small. ¬†Some of us are getting tired from the labor. ¬†When fatigue sets in, so does ungodly practice. ¬†We “chirp” at one another and find fault. ¬†We become short tempered and hard nosed. ¬†It’s just natural. ¬†However, the Father calls us to life life in the supernatural. ¬†Hear Jesus: “A new command I give you: Love one another. ¬†As I have loved you, so you must love one another. ¬†By this, all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”¬†¬†Let’s not get so caught up in the tasks of the moment that we forget what the real objective is. ¬†It’s all about people and the kingdom!

Pray this with me: “Father, thanks for the way you love me unconditionally and for being so extremely patient with me. ¬†Help me to love the way you love… and help me to show it with grace and forgiveness and patience, just as you do. ¬†In the power and authority of Jesus’ name alone, Amen.


Finishing note:

So how did my trip end? ¬†Well, when Julian started to fuss, I took him out into the aisle and walked him forward and aft in the aisle many times, all the while holding his hands so he wouldn’t fall. ¬†At one point a flight attendant asked to hold him because she was on a four day trip and was missing her little boy who was about the same age. ¬†Eventually I wore him out. ¬†I picked him up and gently bounced him in my arms until he went to sleep. ¬†Only then did I return to my seat. ¬†And Julian? ¬†Well, he slept on my shoulder all the way to the gate. ¬†He had truly touched my heart, and his mom had given me a given me a gift of unmeasurable value. ¬†To Julian I say, “God bless you little man. ¬†Jesus was right. ¬†When it comes to the kingdom, you’re the greatest”. ¬†To Mom, I just want to say, “Thanks for sharing your most precious gift with me”.

Let’s now be careful to see one another in the same light. ¬†You just never know how God might bless your life!


Pastor Derek

2 thoughts on “God Speaks Through a Little Boy

  1. I love it when stuff happens and we actually recognize that God was in it all along. I think we all could use the word written here. I view myself as a forgiving person…but then I think of how much God forgave me and realize that I have so far to go in that regard.

    I recently read a scripture that I’ve been repeating to myself everyday…

    “Lord, if you considered sins, Lord, who could stand? But with You there if forgiveness, so that You may be revered.”

    Psalm 130:3,4

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