Get Real

So this week I went to my regular Tuesday night basketball game at one of the local LDS churches. ¬†I have been playing there for a few years now and have made friends with some great guys. However this week was one of the first times that I got real with any of them. It all started with a joke and before I knew it, one of the guys was asking me what our church’s stance was on sexual purity. ¬†Okay, so I’ll give you a moment to digest that…and then I’ll continue. ¬†Long story short, after explaining what we teach, I felt this was an enormous opportunity to share about struggles I’ve had and how I believe that we have to start being open about stuff like this.

One of the hardest tasks I’ve had to live up to in my life is being a faithful husband with my thought life. I’ve struggled with it since before I was married, but I don’t share about it because it’s one of the “uglier” sins. Nobody feels comfortable talking about that. But something happened to me on Tuesday night and I realized that I wasn’t comfortable putting on a fake front to this guy who is a genuinely nice guy and really listened to my story. To tell you the truth, I think he really grew to respect me a lot more for it. By the end of the conversation, the guys were even thinking of looking at a resource site that has really helped me out a lot.

I hope they do. ¬†I hope I get to work with those guys more and try to help more guys be better husbands. In the meantime, I plan to continue playing ball and hopefully being a lot more “real” with the people that I normally try to look perfect to.

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