Our bylaws exist to give our church structure in how we are organized and how we operate.

On March 6th, 2011, during a special meeting of the church, there was significant discussion on two areas of the bylaws. As a result, the church body voted to have the Shepherd Leadership team evaluate the bylaws and make recommendations in two key areas – membership and the Purpose Driven Team.

On November 20th, 2011, we will hold a special Year-End Celebration meeting. During this time, we will vote on two significant changes to the bylaws. These changes are as follows…

1. Changes to the first 3 sections of Article I. Membership
These changes are basically to clarify the language and modify the requirements of membership.

2. Removal of Article V. Purpose Driven Team
After careful consideration, the Shepherd Leader teams has determined that the Purpose-Driven team is no longer needed  and has proposed removing it from the bylaws.

On behalf of the Shepherd Leader Team, I would ask you to review the proposed changes to these two articles. To see them, you can download and compare the current version of the bylaws with the new proposed version using the links below.

Current Lakeside bylaws

Newly Proposed Lakeside bylaws