Billy Graham Used His Influence For God

I have always admired people like Rick Warren who use their influence with other celebrities/leaders/famous people. Billy Graham was one such example who I know counseled several presidents. I came across this clip today and thought it was pretty cool. It’s of a young Billy Graham on a show with Woody Allen (must’ve been some kind of talk show). For a lot of pastors, this would have been an uncomfortable situation, especially with the jokes that Woody made, but Billy Graham handled it with a lot of poise and used that more comfortable atmosphere to gently nudge Woody in the direction of a loving God who would accept Woody just the way he is.

Anyway, enjoy the clip! I think we can all learn something about how we communicate with others.

2 thoughts on “Billy Graham Used His Influence For God

  1. What a great clip. Billy showed how one can engage pop culture with dignity and respect with the purpose of touching a lost generation for Christ.

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