Billy Graham Used His Influence For God

I have always admired people like Rick Warren who use their influence with other celebrities/leaders/famous people. Billy Graham was one such example who I know counseled several presidents. I came across this clip today and thought it was pretty cool. It’s of a young Billy Graham on a show with Woody Allen (must’ve been some kind of talk show). For a lot of pastors, this would have been an uncomfortable situation, especially with the jokes that Woody made, but Billy Graham handled it with a lot of poise and used that more comfortable atmosphere to gently nudge Woody in the direction of a loving God who would accept Woody just the way he is.

Anyway, enjoy the clip! I think we can all learn something about how we communicate with others.

Matt Jones

Matt is the lead pastor at Lakeside Church. When he’s not “pastoring” in the city, you can find him “pastoring” at Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course.

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  1. Mike Roos says:

    What a great clip. Billy showed how one can engage pop culture with dignity and respect with the purpose of touching a lost generation for Christ.

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