First Service on the New Property

Well finally had our first service on the new property and I think it was a huge success. Many thanks go to the people who have helped get the land ready for meeting on… You had all of three days to do it and it turned out great! The children had ample space and for once had tables and chairs to work from. Also, it was really kind of cool to meet in the tent. We had 75 people there and realized that we need more chairs. What a great problem to have!

I look forward to seeing all of you when I get back from Canada. Have fun this Sunday on the property. The tent has been reconstructed, and the location will get better every week. See you soon!

Service In the Park

While the property closing has already taken place, we will not take possession of the new property until July 15th which leaves us without a place to meet this Sunday! ¬†Never fear though, for we are indeed meeting at Linda Vista Park in Syracuse (1800 W 2700 S). ¬†Linda Vista Park is adjacent to our new property, so we at least look…just not touch!

Lakeside Closes on New Property

I am pleased to announce that we have closed the sale on the new property as of Friday, July 11th and will take possession on Tuesday, July 15th.  This is truly an answer to prayer and the beginning of the most exciting part of our church growth.  Continue to pray and fulfill your pledges as we move forward.  The first project will be getting the auxillary building ready to meet in and then we build!

Billy Graham Used His Influence For God

I have always admired people like Rick Warren who use their influence with other celebrities/leaders/famous people. Billy Graham was one such example who I know counseled several presidents. I came across this clip today and thought it was pretty cool. It’s of a young Billy Graham on a show with Woody Allen (must’ve been some kind of talk show). For a lot of pastors, this would have been an uncomfortable situation, especially with the jokes that Woody made, but Billy Graham handled it with a lot of poise and used that more comfortable atmosphere to gently nudge Woody in the direction of a loving God who would accept Woody just the way he is.

Anyway, enjoy the clip! I think we can all learn something about how we communicate with others.