What Does Loyalty Look Like?

What does it mean to be loyal to our friends? Is that important? Does Jesus teach us to be loyal to each other? These questions, and an exposition of the love that a dog...

Gethsemane Moments

Roger Beal talks about how Jesus dealt with extreme anxiety through prayer.

Matthew 24: The End of the World as we Know It

Have you heard about the “signs of the times”? Armageddon? WW3…Russia and China in the Bible (?!), Bible Codes and other such doomsday predictions? Jesus actually teaches about knowing the future and about his...

New Facility Proposal

New Facility Proposal

On Sunday, March 5th, 2017, church leadership presented a proposal for our congregation to consider involving our facility. That proposal is linked to below and we ask that everyone who currently attends Lakeside please review it...

Meet Jolene Hurley

A missionary named Jolene Hurley contacted me this summer and is heading to Slovenia to join a team that hopes to plant a new church there. Jolene was in Utah over the summer trying to...

Joy in Community

Living out the Gospel in community can bring us overwhelming joy. When we reflect on the forgiveness of our sins through Christ and the eternal hope we have because of His resurrection, the very...

Saltiness: Matthew 5:3-16

Saltiness: Matthew 5:3-16

In Students this week, we looked at Matthew 5:3-16. This passage covers the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount and more specifically, the Beatitudes which means “blessed sayings.” We had great discussions in...

Genesis 15: Waiting

Pastor Matt Jones teaches from Genesis 15 in this week’s message.

Genesis 12: The Call

In this message, student pastor George Ortiz speaks from Genesis 11-12 about God’s call on the life of Abram and what it means for his call on your life.